Treatment for hearing loss must be started within 10–14 days or it will be too late.



Cortexi is an all-natural product that supports healthy, natural hearing by boosting the inner ear band. It includes organic components that cure hearing loss and tinnitus while also safeguarding the ears. Clinical studies have shown that the compounds enhance the cochlea, eardrum, and other inner ear components' functionality. 

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Why Choose Cortexi Formula?

Cortexi official -FDA-Approved
FDA Approved

Cortexi supplement is manufactured in a FDA registered facility. 

Cortexi buy 100% Natural
100% Natural

Cortexi , the most effective ear drops, is made up of all-natural, gluten-free ingredients. 

Cortexi offer Made In The USA
Made In The USA

Cortexi supplement is manufactured in the USA.

Cortexi drops GMP Certified
GMP Certified

 Cortexi upholds the highest standards by using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. 

What is Cortexi Supplement?


Cortexi Hearing Support Formula is a dietary supplement made from the finest natural components with the goal of enhancing brain health and enhancing hearing as well as attention and memory.

Any person must have the ability to hear in order to connect with the outside world for purposes of learning, social engagement, or pure enjoyment. This crucial link is constantly working at its finest thanks to the usage of the Cortexi tinnitus Support Formula.

Its nine components are all-natural substances that have been shown to have nourishing and therapeutic properties. They have a lengthy history of usage in conventional treatments, which supports this.

The interaction of these several elements results in a synergy where the combined impact is much stronger than the sum of the separate effects. Some exceedingly uncommon plants that are challenging to find in their natural habitats are included in this formula.

All of the ingredients in the Cortexi are either rich in antioxidants or vitamins and minerals. Consequently, the supplement strengthens auditory nerves, safeguards the brain, and safeguards the user's general health.

Therefore, frequent use of This Hearing Support improves the person's overall health. It is produced totally in accordance with the federal government of the United States' rules and regulations. 

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Benefits of the Cortexi Supplement

So our bodies cannot withstand the harm brought on by the sugar epidemic. Consequently, this special supplement is intended to combat this and enhance your health.

The following is a summary of many health advantages that the Cortexi tablet promotes along the way:

  • Support for healthy hearing
  • Natural memory shielding with no side effects
  • Cortexi is 100 % natural
  • Improves mental awareness
  • It Promotes Mental Sharpness Support
  • This pill helps clear brain fog by lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Cortexi is a decrease in general inflammation
  • The dietary supplement is produced at a GMP-certified and FDA-registered facility in the USA.
  • You will receive a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee for each transaction.

How Does the Cortexi Formula Work to Help Promote Healthy Hearing?

Cortexi was developed for a variety of reasons. All of this is done to help individuals hear better and think more clearly. It has been demonstrated that the nootropic components in Cortexi supplements enhance cognitive function.

Numerous nootropics in the Cortexi supplement are also present in other comparable supplements. When sound enters the auditory system, the brain analyses the new information.

In designing Cortexi, the brain was prioritized over the ears. Hearing problems result from the brain's inability to interpret and comprehend the sounds it hears. Tinnitus and trouble comprehending speech are two signs that the brain isn't properly processing information. 

Is it Safe to Take Cortexi without Concerning Side Effects?

The Cortexi patented product, which is organically derived, has no adverse side effects. Clinical tests are done on each substance to determine its safety and efficacy.

The production of the dietary supplement takes place in facilities that are FDA and GMP approved in order to guarantee the product's quality and safety.

The Cortexi formula is prepared on equipment that is cleaned and sanitized before each batch in order to preserve its cleanliness.
As a result, no users of the supplement have so far reported any symptoms or negative effects; using Cortexi is entirely risk-free. 

How Do You Take It?

Your overall hearing and memory can be enhanced by taking one full dropper of the liquid Cortexi solution each day. Most people get improvements from this hearing dietary supplement within a week of using it.

After using the ear supplement Cortexi, many users report an improvement in their mental sharpness and clarity. They claim that they can concentrate better on their everyday chores since it feels as though a "fog" has been cleared from their minds.

Additionally, they claim that eliminating ringing in their ears has improved their ability to sleep at night. 

Cortexi: Customer Reviews

review by Cortexi

Verified Purchase ✅

It feels as though something has cleared... Actually, after trying everything else, I decided to take Cortexi at the advice of a friend. Nothing on the market comes close to this, let me tell you. I've been here three months and the mental fog has vanished, my mind is clear.

Cortexi  review by Brian

Verified Purchase ✅

My wife got them for me and suggested that I give them a try. First, I was hesitant, but fantastic! That's all I have to say, I believe. The incessant whooshing and buzzing noises I was experiencing had finally stopped!

Cortexi  review by Brian

Verified Purchase ✅

More than anything, I cherish my time alone. I am therefore fully aware of how crucial my ears' health is. Knowing that I'm providing my hearing these essential nutrients by taking Cortexi allows me to sleep better at night. Try this one without a doubt.

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Our Ironclad 60-day, Money-Back Guarantee

Cortexi 60 -Money-back-Guarantee

Are You Not Satisfied with the product?
Get 60-Days 100% Money-Back Guarantee

A 60-day money-back guarantee that covers 100% of your original purchase price is included with Cortexi. Simply contact our toll-free number or send us an email if, during the first 60 days, you are not fully pleased with our product or your results. We will be happy to issue a full refund within 48 hours of receiving the returned goods.

Buy 3 or 6 Bottles of Cortexi Drops and Get Unbelievable Free Bonuses!!!

When you buy a 90-day or 180-day supply of Cortexi, you'll enjoy the convenience of free shipping and two extra bonus products. Each offer comprises of educational eBooks that give suggestions for enhancing memory and hearing health.

Cortexi Bonus

Bonus Item 1: Hear Professionally 

The documentary Hear like a Pro discusses the science of hearing, variables that impact hearing, and suggestions for enhancing ear health. Nothing you do with the guidance needs expensive equipment or special handling; everything can be done at your leisure at home. Complete your order and double-check your information. You will receive a link to download this e-book after your request has been confirmed.

Cortexi Bonus

Free Bonus item 2: Effective Techniques for Memory Improvement

Memory loss and diminished cognition are only a couple of the many issues that long-term tinnitus may cause. You may "exercise" your brain to store more knowledge, analyze answers more quickly, and solve challenging issues more quickly by adhering to the suggestions made in the book. Simple workouts that have been scientifically shown to improve the critical brain regions are included in the instruction. 

Ingredients of Cortexi Supplement

Due to its ingredients, each capsule of Cortexi Hearing Support Formula is a strong powerhouse whose powers have been extensively proven by rigorous study. The following are the nine essential components of this hearing support formula: 


B6 vitamin

It is impossible to understate the importance of vitamin B6. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and is a member of the vitamin B complex family. Additionally, it has the capacity to reduce homocysteine levels in the body, which can negatively affect hearing and mental health.


Folate helps in the renewal of nucleic acids like DNA and RNA, which in turn helps to control anxiety, stress, and depression. Because folate breaks down homocysteine, it also contributes to users' increased energy levels.


The mineral potassium promotes the wellbeing of the neurological system. By routinely removing toxins from the body, its inclusion in Cortexi Hearing Support Formula assists in the cleansing of auditory nerves and the efficient operation of the brain.


Magnesium is essential for a number of functions, including protein synthesis, the efficient functioning of neurons and muscles, and others. Additionally, it is necessary for the release of energy through oxidation and glycolysis. Magnesium is crucial in Cortexi Hearing Support Formula due to all of these reasons.


Another B vitamin, riboflavin, is crucial for brain health because it lowers inflammation and oxidative stress while also protecting cells from free radical damage. Riboflavin is useful in the treatment of tinnitus due to these qualities.


The hawthorn fruit, often referred to as thornapple, is beneficial for controlling cholesterol and hypertension as well as avoiding heart disease. It also helps with hearing capacity enhancement.


A tried-and-true detoxicant is garlic. Garlic is an ingredient in Cortexi Hearing Support Formula, ensuring that the blood fed to the auditory nerves and brain is constantly fresh and oxygenated.


Hibiscus blossoms can help reduce toxin accumulation in the brain and auditory nerves since they are rich in antioxidants. Tinnitus can be effectively treated with it as well.


This plant contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, and it also aids in immune system improvement. It is a focus-enhancing mental stimulant. Because it can increase circulation, especially in weak blood arteries, it is quite efficient at improving the flow of blood to the brain.

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FAQs Related to Cortexi

Men and women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 70s have received great hearing help with Cortexi. Cortexi recipe uses only pure plant components and natural minerals, making it both mild and effective at the same time. This is because it was created based on the scientific principles of today. And you may feel secure knowing it is produced in the US in a cutting-edge FDA registered and GMP certified facility. 

Simply take two drops of CORTEXI in the morning on an empty stomach. Due to its all-natural composition, you can use it continuously for up to 12 months without suffering any adverse side effects. 

You may use CORTEXI for 60 days with my "No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee" now. Try this incredible recipe and see the effects for yourself if you want to be completely persuaded. 

Our GMP-certified, FDA-approved plant produces Cortexi in the USA. The highest standards are upheld by us.

Simply place one complete dropper under your tongue in the morning before breakfast. Alternately, dissolve a dropper in a glass of water; you'll enjoy the effects and how you feel. 

If you want to make sure you are receiving the real deal with pure components, only purchase from the official website. A premium shipping service like FedEx or UPS may be used to deliver your item to your residence or place of work.
Every order is mailed out within 24 hours of business, and you'll get an email with a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your shipment. Domestic orders normally arrive at their destination between 5 and 10 days after being placed. 

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